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Welcome to Kiwi Stainless Urinals – Hygiene Meets Efficiency!

At Kiwi Stainless, we believe that even the most functional spaces in your facility deserve a touch of quality and efficiency. Our urinals are designed to provide a clean, modern, and hassle-free solution for your restroom needs. Our urinals are crafted with hygiene in mind. The sleek design and high-quality materials make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a fresh and sanitary restroom environment.

Upgrading your restroom facilities shouldn’t be a hassle. Our urinals are designed for quick and straightforward installation, minimizing disruption to your facility. Our urinals feature a user-friendly design for ease of use, providing a convenient and efficient experience for all restroom visitors.

Ready to enhance hygiene and efficiency in your facility? Dive into our selection of urinals and discover how Kiwi Stainless can bring quality and convenience to your restroom. Have questions? Our friendly team is here to assist. Kiwi Stainless – where hygiene meets efficiency in every urinal!