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Welcome to Kiwi Stainless Splashbacks – Style Meets Practicality!

At Kiwi Stainless, we believe that your kitchen should not only be a hub of culinary creativity but also a space that reflects your unique style. Our stainless steel backsplash in Auckland is designed to do just that – blending style seamlessly with practicality. Our kitchen splashbacks serve as guardians of your kitchen walls, protecting them from splashes and stains while adding a touch of elegance. Say goodbye to hard-to-clean messes, and hello to a kitchen that stays effortlessly beautiful.

Whether you prefer a contemporary look or a classic vibe, Kiwi Stainless has the perfect splashback to complement your taste. Our cooker splashbacks are designed for easy installation, ensuring that the process is quick and stress-free. Instantly revamp your space without the need for complicated setups.

For those who appreciate the sleek look, our kitchen glass backsplash options provide a modern and stylish finish. Ready to turn your kitchen into a stylish haven of practicality? Dive into our selection of splashbacks and discover how Kiwi Stainless can bring protection and elegance to your cooking space. Have questions? Our friendly team is here to assist. Kiwi Stainless – where style meets practicality in every splashback!